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Miscellaneous Software

Chord Generator
An HTML5 program that generates a random chord using lead sheet notation symbols and terminology (i.e. C-b5maj7).

Development Template 2014-01-06
A very simple template for use with Game Maker v4.3c. I made it for my own personal use. This zip contains the *.gmd file.
EDIT 2014-01-15: And a version for GameMaker HTML5 1.0:

Random Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Mozart
HTML5 programs that generate random pieces by a composer and search YouTube for recordings.

City Generator for Bryce - download page
A program that randomly generates maps that produce somewhat realistic cityscape models when imported into Bryce as terrain maps.

AudioJungle Randomizer
An HTML5 program that chooses random chords, instruments and other elements of potential submissions for music libraries.

Animo - download page
When the "Game Maker" IDE was was first developed by Mark Overmars it was known as "Animo". These earlier versions of the software are free. They can be hard to be find. I have provided them here.

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