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Site News

2014-09-07: new music (revisions)
2014-09-02: new music (revisions)
2014-08-30: Trifle for trombone
2014-08-25: new artwork
2014-07-30: Bibelot for solo flute, schedule update
2014-07-27: Layout tweaks
2014-07-22: Ode to a Rusty Truck, and Clarinet trio
2014-07-22: New visual art
2014-07-20: New visual art
2014-07-19: Layout tweaks
2014-07-18: Added search
2014-07-17: Layout tweaks
2014-07-16: Layout tweaks
2014-07-15: Layout tweaks
2014-07-12: New visual art
2014-07-06: Layout tweaks
2014-07-02: Layout tweaks
2014-07-01: New compositions, "Duet for two trumpets", "Short piece for piano"
2014-06-26: New visual art
2014-06-20: Layout tweaks, article audio readthrough, "Arrietty" revision
2014-06-19: New visual art
2014-06-17: New essay, Music and the Kitchen Sink; new piece, Arrietty for solo euphonium; two new solo piano recordings
2014-06-16: More tweaks
2014-06-13: Tweaks to site layout
2014-06-10: Added violin/viola sketch
2014-05-26: Updated visual art
2014-05-20: Added ghost music sketch
2014-05-19: Added cave music and revised battle sketch mp3
2014-05-18: Added battle sketch
2014-05-15: Added Pixelilly Rag
2014-05-14: Added "W" for soprano & piano, and beginner piano transcription of "Let It Go"
2014-05-12: Sonatina revisions
2014-05-10: Added Sonatina for piano; updated performance schedule
2014-05-08: Updated visual art & compositions
2014-04-30: Live recording of "Fragment for orchestra"
2014-04-25: New interview with TerraFriedSheep
2014-04-24: Visual Art update ("'Complacency' again"); updated compositional works ('Fragment' for orchestra, Newgrounds versions of 'Ambrosial' & 'The Doldrums', 2014-04-22 'Sketch')
2014-04-13: Potpourri updated
2014-04-11: Handel revised (compositional works)
2014-04-06: New testimonial; Handel aria renotation/transposition (compositional works)
2014-04-02: Updated compositional works; visual art; performance schedule
2014-03-19: New visual art
2014-03-17: Layout tweaks; updated works; store
2014-03-09: Layout tweaks (résumé)
2014-03-08: Updated uncategorized music
2014-03-07: Layout tweaks; updated uncategorized music
2014-03-05: Added catalogue #18
2014-03-01: Added audio versions of essays courtesy of Yakittome; updated links; updated uncategorized music
2014-02-28: Updated catalogue, performance schedule
2014-02-27: New essay revision
2014-02-22: Updated recordings; essays
2014-02-21: Updated uncategorized music; practice sessions; links
2014-02-18: Updated recordings
2014-02-15: Updated catalogue; video games; uncategorized music
2014-02-12: New essay
2014-02-09: Updates to the gallery, uncategorized music, performance schedule and composition schedule
2014-02-06: Practice sessions update
2014-02-03: Potpourri update
2014-02-02: Added résumé
2014-01-30: Updated showcase
2014-01-28: Catalogue #13
2014-01-24: Music for Summer Snowball Fight, Guinea Something Good animated series
2014-01-23: Practice Sessions, added 2013-11-09; showcase update; added old news page; new essay #12, "Religion and Politics"
2014-01-22: Potpourri update
2014-01-20: essay #01a, "Dreaming Up A Better Time Signature" (revised)
2014-01-18: Extra Teaching Materials, added Scales Collection (no modes), personal warm-up collection
2014-01-17: Catalogue #1a, #6b, #11a
2014-01-16: New page for practice sessions and added 2014-01-16 session; miscellaneous software, added "Chord Generator"; recordings, added a recording of Stephen Heller's "Avalanche"
2014-01-15: Interviews with Ben, added 2006 MPBN interview; miscellaneous software, added a version of the 2014-01-06 development template for GameMaker HTML5 1.0
2014-01-12: New interview with John Wallie
2014-01-11: Miscellaneous software, added; video games, added "A Lawn Mowing Game", "Evasion Game" and "A Version of 'Pong'"
2014-01-07: Uncategorized Music, added Meter Experiment 2013-12-30
2014-01-05: Music appearing in Mr. Pig's Quest for Pants, game available on GameJolt
2014-01-03: Added Potpourri page
2013-12-30: Reorganized interviews & added publication dates
2013-12-29: New Article: #11, "The Reading Railroad"
2013-12-28: Catalogue #12
2013-12-25: Uncategorized Music, added Etude 2013-12-22, Clarinet Duet 2013-12-23 and Music for Violin 2013-12-23
2013-12-24: Original music for Ultimate Transforming Car (Guinea Something Good series)
2013-12-21: Catalogue #11; 3D/CG Art, Pattern Series 2013-12-20; Non-Catalogued Materials, "Doodle 2013-12-21"
2013-12-19: New essays page
2013-12-15: Recording for Catalogue #7
2013-12-13: New composition schedule page
2013-12-13: Catalogue #9, #2a, #4a and #6a, #10
2013-12-08: New Visual Art, three new uploads and Pattern Series 2013-12-08
2013-12-06: Random Bach, Handel, Vivaldi HTML5 applications
2013-12-01: Visual Art, Pattern Series 2013-11-28 and 2013-12-01
2013-11-28: New gallery
2013-11-24: Article, I'll Write This Blog Post Tomorrow
2013-11-15: Animation score, Joe24
2013-11-11: Interview with composer/performer Andrew Cote
2013-11-11: Interview with game developer Nick Liow
2013-11-10: Interview with game developer Connor Ullmann
2013-11-09: New On Piano web series
2013-11-06: Article, A Portrait of the Classical Bullshitter
2013-11-05: "Royals" chiptune remix
2013-11-04: Mozart Randomizer web application
2013-11-01: Catalogue #8, Music for Solo Piano
2013-11-01: Added to photography
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