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Video Games

Evasion Game (2014-02-15) - play online
A simple game in which you avoid oncoming spaceships.

A Version of 'Pong' (2014-01-07) - ZIP file
A variation on the classic game of 'Pong'.

Evasion Game (2014-01-05) - ZIP file
A simple evasion game; navigate your spaceship through an army of other spaceships.

A Lawn Mowing Game (2014-01-03) - ZIP file
A simple pathfinding game.

Game Project 2013-09-29 ("Maze") - ZIP file
A collection of twenty increasingly vast navigable mazes.

Blob Story - download page
An arcade/puzzle game with 100 levels of increasing difficulty.

Eulophoria - ZIP file
An abstract puzzle platformer developed for the Game Maker Community Jam #5. The player must figure out what to do next in order to reach one of two possible endings. Eulophoria was inspired by the ZZT game Kudzu as well as some of cactus's work. A video walkthrough of this game was recorded by Youtube member Ikethelord3.

Blobby - ZIP file
A predecessor to Blob Story. The player must navigate to the end of each maze without hitting a number of moving red blocks. At any given time the game allows the player to restart a level or tweak the difficulty, but only a single death is allowed before game over.

Umbrella Weather - ZIP file
A game inspired by the Laminated Cat album, "Umbrella Weather". Each level is accompanied by a different track from the album.

Dennis the Droplet - ZIP file
The Ripple website raises funds for charities through pay-per-click advertisements. This game was created in 2007 in an effort to raise awareness of their work. It was mentioned in their blog.

Super Mario in Tubaland - ZIP file
A Super Mario fangame made in 2005.

BreakOut - ZIP file
A revised version of the BreakOut example included with Game Maker v4.3 by Mark Overmars.

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