This page documents the origins of the popular GameMaker game development software. This from Wikipedia:

GameMaker was originally titled Animo, a program specializing in 2D animation. Overmars released the first public version (version 1.1) on November 15, 1999. While this version of GameMaker had a built-in scripting language, which was not as complex as in more recent versions, it and the next few versions of GameMaker did not have DirectX support, a separate runner to run games independently from GameMaker, or the ability to compile games into executable files. Each major release added substantial new features and improved stability, while gaining steadily in popularity.

Download GameMaker v1.4: (2.08MB)
Download GameMaker v2.0: (2.22MB)
Download GameMaker v3.3: (3.13MB)
Download GameMaker v4.3: (3.67MB)
Download GameMaker v5.3: (3.35MB)
Download GameMaker v6.1: (3.53MB)

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