Selected Video Games

Blob Story

Blob Story is an arcade/puzzle game. It involves a blob named Bob. There are 100 levels of increasing difficulty. The gameplay changes gradually. Dodge the cubes, save the trees, and watch out for save points and extra lives.

Click here to go to the Blob Story homepage.


Blobby is a predecessor to Blob Story. The player must navigate Blobby to the star at the end of each maze without hitting any of a number of moving red blocks. Magnanimously, the game allows the player to restart a level or tweak the difficulty at any time--but, the player is only allowed a single death before the game over screen is displayed.

Click here to download Blobby.

Umbrella Weather

This is a video game inspired by a Laminated Cat album, "Umbrella Weather". Each track from the album inspires a different level.

Click here to download Umbrella Weather.

Dennis the Droplet
In 2007 I noticed the work of Ripple, a small charity organization based in Australia. Its creators (Matt Tilleard, Mack Nevill, Simon Griffiths and Jehan Ratnatunga) attempt to raise funds for charity through the power of advertisement. In an effort to raise awareness for their work, I created a PC game which featured their mascot--a water droplet named Dennis. The effort was mentioned in their blog.

Download: DennisTheDroplet.zip

Super Mario in Tubaland

This was a Christmas gift for a special someone.

Click here to download Super Mario in Tubaland.
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