Ben Tibbetts, musicianBen Tibbetts is a freelance pianist and composer working in Western Massachuestts. He regularly performs on piano and organ at Orchard Covenant Church and accompanies students at UMass Amherst and the Bement School.

His hobbies include writing, playing the trumpet, and creating computer generated visual art.


University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.M. Music Composition (2014)

University of New Hampshire
B.M. Music Theory (2011)


Ben has served as an accompanist for elementary and high school choruses in Hatfield and has always been a true pleasure to work with. He is a highly skilled and sensitive musician, which was especially evident recently in his capable handling of creating a single-player arrangement of a four-hands accompaniment. Moreover, Ben’s professionalism shines from first contact. His communication is always prompt, thorough and enthusiastic, and his punctuality sets a high standard for everyone around him. That said, my favorite part of working with Ben is his indelibly positive attitude. He clearly loves the process of making music with others and is an all-around support to the musicians he works with, especially the young ones.
~Jessica Corwin, Chorus Director, Hatfield Public Schools

Ben has worked with me on several animated shorts, and I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of his work, as well as the speed in which he is able to produce it! His compositions have exceeded my expectations, and he was ready and able to make alterations when the situation merited it. He is a great collaborator and wonderful musician.
~Jeff Mumm, Guinea Something Good

Ben and I worked together on a film soundtrack project as the orchestrator for music I had composed. In addition to his confident command of instrumental resources, he was incredibly sensitive to the nuances that a soundtrack needed to imbue the images on screen. This, coupled with his wonderful professional work ethic, made it a total pleasure to work with him.
~Tian Hui Ng, Mount Holyoke CollegeNgTianHui.com

It’s rare to find a composer whose great talent is equaled by his kindness and hard work, but that’s exactly what I got working with Ben. His constant communication, attention to detail, ability to complete a lot of work in a little time, and the overall quality of his music sets him apart from his peers.
~Kahlil Maskati, Kahlil Maskati Films

Ben not only saved us in a time of crisis (losing our accompanist a week before the show) but he was prompt, informative and incredibly sensitive to the needs of our high school musical performers. I am proud to recommend this phenomenal musician!
~Ryan Erickson, Kearsarge Regional High School

I had the pleasure of directing a show that Ben musically directed and he was a delight from audition to strike! He was encouraging and insightful when working musical numbers in rehearsal, gave countless hours above and beyond to make sure the production was musically at its best, and was a cooperative and enthusiastic participant in the overall production. His skills are immeasurable and his attention to detail inspiring. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.
~Jude Bascom, Kids Coop Theatre

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