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The Ben Tibbetts Podcast, Episode #2: A Thousand True Fans

The “long tail”, as described by Chris Anderson (

In this episode of the podcast, Ben talks about the relationship between a content creator and their audience, and reads through Kevin Kelly’s article, 1,000 True Fans.


Table of contents

0:00-6:10 Introduction

6:10-20:05 1,000 True Fans, by Kevin Kelly

20:05-23:16 Closing thoughts

This episode features excerpts from the track Magical Realism, composed and produced by Ben Tibbetts.

The Ben Tibbetts Podcast, Episode #1: Everything You Should Know About Sound

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In this episode of the podcast, Ben introduces himself and reads through Tim Urban’s article Everything You Should Know About Sound.


      Episode One: Everything You Should Know About Sound


This episode features excerpts from a live performance of Beethoven’s Violin Sonata No. 8 by violinist Celaya Kirchner (used by permission).



Table of contents

00:00-07:53 Introduction

07:53-36:35 Everything You Should Know About Sound, by Tim Urban

36:35-38:56 Closing thoughts


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The Animator’s Hand: An Interview with Aaron Long

Aaron Long has worked as a director, animator, character designer, and storyboarder on shows such as Bojack Horseman, Greatest Party Story Ever, and Triptank. I became interested in Aaron’s work through watching his original project Sublo & Tangy Mustard, an online series featuring two street mascots for a sub sandwich shop.

You can watch Sublo & Tangy Mustard for free via YouTube and Newgrounds. For more information about Aaron Long visit

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‘How Often Should I Have My Piano Tuned?’

Getting a piano generally in tune seems like a complicated task. In fact, it is literally impossible to tune a piano perfectly. For an explanation of this surprising problem, see this video from Minute Physics.

Although it’s not my expertise, a student recently asked me how often they should have their piano tuned. I did a little casual research (thank you, Google). It seems like the consensus among piano technicians is between one and four times a year. Here are summaries of some of the top results: Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Kissability’

KissabilityKissability by Katherine Duke by Katherine Duke is a short, easy read. The longest chapter is only nine pages. However, it offers a lot of material, and a huge number of different perspectives.

The people who responded to Duke’s questions are very honest about their experiences. Their anecdotes are sometimes really funny. I especially like the advice from John’s dad in Chapter 10, who sat him down as a boy and began by saying, “Son, girls are like eggs…”

Other times, they’re gut-wrenchingly sad. When William is asked, in Chapter 7, what he thinks the best or most beautiful parts of his body are, he just replies, “N/A”.

Much of the book seems uncategorizable, like the fictional dialogues comprised of different people’s answers to the questions, or the pages that consist only of poetry or single-sentence quotes. Continue reading