Values And Beliefs

Values and Beliefs

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To value something is to think it is important. To believe something is to think it is true. What things do I value, and how are those things connected to what I believe?

In figuring out the right thing to do, I want to improve my life and other people’s lives. That means alleviating suffering as well as creating or improving good experiences. I also consider animals, because I believe they too can suffer and have good experiences. I’m not perfect, but that is how I want to think. I value good experiences.

I believe some behaviors are generally more conducive to creating good experiences than others, and for that reason I value them. For example, I value honesty, kindness, and curiosity.

There are also things that give me good experiences personally, like maintaining good relationships with people I love and engaging in certain activities like creating music and taking long walks. I value having those things in my life because I believe they will continue to enrich me without harming others.

Finally, on the societal level, I think certain policies are generally conducive to creating good experiences for everyone, like free speech and a fair legal system. I value these policies.

What do you value? What do you believe?