Video Games

These games were developed in Game Maker for Windows computers. They do not represent Ben’s professional output in any way.

Blob StoryBlob Story

Blob Story is a arcade/puzzle game containing 100 levels of increasing difficulty.

You play as a family of blobs trying to save a forest.

Download Blob Story


EulophoriaEulophoria is an abstract puzzle platformer developed for the Game Maker Community Jam #5.

The theme for the jam was the word “facade”, left open to interpretation.

In Eulophoria, the player must figure out what to do next in order to reach one of two possible endings. It was inspired by the ZZT game Kudzu as well as some of cactus‘s work.

If you get stuck, you may find this video walkthrough helpful.

Download Eulophoria


Blobby was a predecessor to Blob Story. The player must navigate through a room without hitting a number of moving blocks. The player may restart a level or tweak the difficulty setting at any time. Only a single death is allowed before the game is over.

Download Blobby

Umbrella WeatherUmbrella Weather

Umbrella Weather is a puzzle platformer inspired by the Laminated Cat album “Umbrella Weather”. Each level is accompanied by a different track from the album.

Download Umbrella Weather

Evasion Game

Avoid oncoming spaceships in Evasion Game.

More Games

Evasion Game (online): Avoid oncoming spaceships.

Evasion Game (downloadable): Same as above, but downloadable.

A Version of Pong

Lawn Mowing Game

Maze Project: Twenty increasingly vast navigable mazes.

Dennis the Droplet: The Ripple website used to raise funds for charities through pay-per-click advertisements. This game was made in 2007 to raise awareness of their work. It featured their mascot, a giant water droplet.

Super Mario in Tubaland: This is a Super Mario fangame made to be a Christmas present.