Original Compositions & Arrangements

Ben Tibbetts, Billy Kottage, and Gardner Rulon-Miller

Playing an original composition with Billy Kottage and Gardner Rulon-Miller

There is a blurry line between arranging music (interpreting the essence of a composition for a different ensemble) and composing music (creating new musical material). Arrangements can feature highly creative, original passages and parts; and compositions can be unoriginal and derivative.

Ben specializes in creating high quality, professional arrangements and compositions for live musicians.

Ben often creates arrangements for his students. These arrangements may be freely downloaded on the Teaching Materials page.

Compositions For Sale And Download

To contact Ben about purchasing sheet music from this page–or to inquire about an original arrangement/composition for your ensemble–send an email to this address:

Title Instrumentation Price Listen Preview/Download
Seikilos Variations Tuba quartet (2 euphoniums and 2 tubas) $40
      Seikilos Variations
pdf (watermarked)
Three Dances for snare drum and piano Beginner snare drum and piano accompaniment $10
      Three Dances
 pdf (watermarked)
Tuba Sonata Tuba and piano $20 listen on Brass Music Online view sample pages/purchase on Brass Music Online