Recordings of Live Performances

Ben Tibbetts, Nick Minicucci, Andrew Riordan at Rudi's

Cartoon of Ben playing at Rudi’s Portsmouth with Nick Minicucci and Andrew Riordan (of Roots of Creation) – cartoon by Bob Nilson

Ben is an experienced pianist with a style spanning a wide range of genres, including high-level art music and free improvisation. He regularly performs on piano and organ at Orchard Covenant Church and accompanies students at UMass Amherst and the Bement School.

Occasionally, Ben’s live performances are recorded by a cell phone or microphone and made available here.

Good live music is an important part of a rich and diverse culture. It makes our world more beautiful and inspiring. If you need a pianist for a special event, or if you feel you would benefit from in-home piano lessons, contact Ben at this address: