Private Lessons

In addition to his background in piano performance and music composition, Ben is a music educator with experience teaching in college classrooms and private home studios. Ben currently offers a limited number of private piano and music lessons at his residence in Turners Falls, Massachusetts.

Ben’s teaching style is characterized by honesty, encouragement, and flexibility. He believes that the lines between musical genres are blurry and that how you play–and why–is more important than what you play. Above all, Ben strives to provide his students with a musical education that is genuinely rooted in facts and useful, relevant insights.

Ben Tibbetts playing piano, black and white

While working as a teacher at Falcetti Music from 2015 to 2017, Ben wrote the following for the Falcetti website about the impact of music:

Most people learn to enjoy music without having to be taught how. Listening to the music we love–our favorite melodies, songs, and collections of sounds–brings us emotional satisfaction. Thanks to sound recording and reproduction technologies, music is everywhere in our world, and through this constant exposure most of us discover early on that music can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. As a kid, through the benefit of a good teacher, I discovered another, less obvious dimension to music: playing music is a powerful communal experience. When we play for others, and when we play with others as part of an ensemble, there is an additional pleasure to be found in collaborating with other people to make music. Decades later, I am so grateful to have had those experiences, to have met and made music with interesting and talented people. I am gratified to think that more such interactions are in store for me in the future, and that I might encourage my students to seek out those experiences for themselves.

Good live music is an important part of a rich and diverse culture. It makes our world more beautiful and inspiring. If you need a pianist for a special event, or if you feel you would benefit from in-home piano lessons, contact Ben at this address: