Original Compositions and Custom Arrangements

Ben is a professional composer and arranger with expertise in creating clean, beautiful sheet music. For more information about his services, please see the following descriptions.

Music Transcription

To transcribe a music recording means to represent the audio as faithfully as possible in the form of a musical score. Music transcription involves a high amount of analysis and requires ear training, patience, and attention to detail. Once a piece of music has been accurately transcribed, other people can play it.

Ben offers music transcription services for all instruments and voice types. Here is a sample:

“Take Five” by Dave Brubeck as performed by Terrence Shider watch the video: mp4YouTube download the transcription

Music Arrangement and Composition

Arranging music means changing or adapting pre-existing music for a different instrument, ensemble, or genre. For example, though Beethoven’s fifth symphony is originally composed for an orchestra it can be recognizably arranged for a solo pianist. Although arrangement is generally different from composing, or creating new music, it still requires creativity and a deep understanding of the instrument(s) involved, and highly innovative or idiosyncratic arrangements can be indistinguishable from compositions.

Ben can be commissioned to create a custom arrangement or composition for any ensemble. Here are some sample compositions:

Title Instrumentation Price Listen (synthesized) Preview/Download
Seikilos Variations* Tuba quartet (2 euphoniums and 2 tubas) $40
      Seikilos Variations
pdf (watermarked)
Three Dances for snare drum and piano* Beginner snare drum and piano accompaniment $10
      Three Dances
 pdf (watermarked)
Tuba Sonata Tuba and piano $20 listen on Brass Music Online view sample pages/purchase on Brass Music Online

*To purchase scores of these pieces, reach out to Ben via cell or email.