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("So how have you been? What are you up to now?")

Last updated on July 2, 2021

I recently moved to Texas. I came to the Austin area around June 5 with a buddy of mine who helped me move in. I got a day job at a hotel, where I'm working a lot to help with the recent moving expenses. I'm also teaching some piano lessons in Round Rock and writing music for media. All is well. I'm happy to be making music with people in person again, which feels really good. If you're in the area, feel free to hit me up over at Premier Music Academy, where I'm teaching lessons. It looks like I'll be teaching lessons at a school in Austin as well.

I just released a new album of music I wrote for a very creative animation called "Smosh Mosh", which I've mentioned before. Smosh Mosh by Janina Putzker is an animated miniseries for adults. This is not a show for kids; it contains nudity, sexual content, and adult language. Janina and her team are working on the pilot right now, which I wrote music for. I think it's coming out great.

Because I wrote more music than necessary for Smosh Mosh, I decided to release all the tracks as an album called "Mosh Lab". Some of them didn't make it into the episode, and they would have just sat on my hard drive but it seemed worthwhile to release them. Go here to download the album.

I uploaded a new item to the audio store this month: Cloud City, a gentle, looping piece of music for solo harp.

The audio store is designed for people who produce Internet content like videos and podcasts. Royalty free libraries provide audio for content producers, generally selling items individually. By contrast, my audio store offers an unlimited license to anyone who subscribes to my site. For $4 a month you get unlimited, no-restrictions access to everything in the store. It's still a small library, but I'm adding to it regularly. My goal is to create and maintain a valuable, affordable resource for creators online.

For those of you currently going through a heat wave, Christmas is probably the last thing on your mind, but...this month I re-released an old Christmas album, offering it to subscribers. You can view it here. This album offers solo piano versions of some Christmas hymns, sometimes with elements of improvisation. It explores familiar old chestnuts (e.g. O Come, All Ye Faithful), but also more obscure gems (e.g. How A Rose E'er Blooming). It was a pleasure to revisit this beautiful, lesser-known music.

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